Breaking Bad Habits: Why Avoiding Electronics Before Bedtime Is A Big Sleep-Saver


All that binge-watching of your favorite TV show could be seriously disrupting your sleep.

That’s because a small new survey indicates that 82 percent of people who say they binge-watch (in other words, watch numerous TV episodes or movies in one sitting) stay awake later than normal because of it.

Though the survey was small, only including approximately 200 respondents, it’s still no shocker that many people get screentime before bedtime– which can directly influence their sleep.

For example, a 2011 National Sleep Foundation poll found that 95 percent of people use some kind of electronic device like TVs, cell phones, or computers the hour before they go to bed several times a week, with a surprising two-thirds of 30-to-64-year-olds watching TV in the hour before they hit the hay, HealthDay realized. In yet another study shown at the 2009 SLEEP meeting, watching TV before going to bed appeared to be the most important factor dictating what time a person winds up falling asleep. Furthermore, using technology before bedtime has been linked with greater stress levels, LiveScience showed.

The survey was done by SleepRate, which uses smartphone and a heart rate monitor to inscribe sleep problems. The survey realized that 77 percent of people who admitted to staying up late to binge-watch shows felt more tired the following day.

The most common shows linked to binge-watching were Breaking Bad at the top spot, followed by House of Cards, Game of Thrones, and The Office to round out the top four, said the survey.

What’s worse, a whopping 55 percent of binge-watchers admit that doing so has stolen up to two to three hours of their sleep. Furthermore, 18 percent admit it’s sacrificed up to four to five hours of sleep, nine percent say it’s claimed between six and seven hours of rest, and eight percent said they’ve missed out on a whopping eight or more hours of sleep a night because of their TV-viewing binges.


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