Breaking The Cycle of Back Pain

Have you ever noticed that people tend to refer to their back pain as having “back issues”? You probably have a friend or family member who is known by everyone to have constant issues with their back and often experience sometimes debilitating pain. I know that there are a few people in my life that I associate with having these issues in their backs, which made me start to wonder why it was never just a one time, acute occurrence of back pain..

It seems to me that for some people, back pain comes and goes in an almost cyclical pattern. Sure enough, I recently came across an article post by Chiro Nexus that confirmed this exact idea. The article states that essentially, back pain is a cyclical occurrence. This means that if a patient has even just one episode of pain in their back, there is a very high chance that they will end up experiencing future episodes of back pain even if the initial issue is cleared up and has been healed completely. 

So what can possibly be done in order to break the cycle of back pain? As it turns out, more and more scientific studies are pointing to chiropractic treatment plans as some of the best for treating initial symptoms of back pain, as well as ultimately preventing future incidents from occurring later on in life. In fact, when chiropractic was compared with traditional methods such as medication and invasive procedures in regards to overall effectiveness, it was revealed that patients who primarily relied on chiropractic and other alternative and natural treatment methods tended to have less re-occurrences of back pain in the future than patients using medication did. This is at least partly because chiropractic focuses on holistic healthcare, and it works to encourage the body to heal itself from within.

Chiropractic works to address the main problem that is causing a patient’s pain and discomfort, while many more traditional treatment methods may only work to temporarily mask some of the symptoms a patient is experiencing. When the heart of the problem is dealt with and solved, the body becomes more resilient. As a result, this makes a patient less likely to experience any sort of relapse of new pain later on down the line.

If you are ready to break the cycle of back pain, be sure to begin chiropractic treatment right away at your nearest location of The Joint.

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