Chiropractic Care Aims To Reduce Joint Disease Symptoms in San Diego

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Aside from the notion that chiropractic care can bring symptom relief from health conditions as mild as muscle soreness and as crippling as cancer, chiropractic care has been linked to the complete amelioration of a variety of other physical (and mental) health problems as well.

Now, without further adieu, the modern medical world is taking notice of this holistic alternative treatment option, perhaps because chiropractic care’s long-term benefits are being adequately recognized across the medical spectrum.

One recent study from 2011 looked at the results of patients suffering from idiopathic degenerative and posttraumatic atlantoaxial osteoarthritis, who were administered upper cervical manipulation along with mobilization device care.

Utilizing a retrospective case study involving 10 patients who’d been diagnosed with degenerative or posttraumatic atlantoaxial arthritis, a clinical and physical examination, along with radiographic presentations, were conducted. These took place at a multidisciplinary integrated clinic which had experience in both orthopedic and chiropractic services. Each of the 10 patients who’d been chosen for this study was administered a mixture of upper cervical manipulation techniques along with mechanical mobilization device therapy. Patient results were obtained both at baseline, as well as after the treatment duration. Evaluations were measured via patient self-reports that indicated pain levels using numeric pain scales (NPS), physical analysis, and radiology alterations.

The average pre-therapy NPS sat at 8.6 on a scale of 1-10, which showed improvement to an NPS of 2.6 (on a scale of 1-7) by the posttreatment follow-up. The mean patient rotation of C1-C2 by the conclusion of treatment improved from 28 degrees to 52 degrees. Full joint space restoration was witnessed in six of the patients. The subjective clinical improvement measures were deemed either “good” or “excellent” in 80 percent of the subjects. Furthermore, similar clinically-witnessed improvements in both pain and range of motion reached as many as 90 percent of patients.

In conclusion, it was found that the chiropractic care of patients suffering from atlantoaxial osteoarthritis brought about favorable results for the majority of said patients.

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