Chiropractic Care in San Diego Hopes To Relieve Dysmenorrhea Symptoms

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Chiropractic care has been highly acclaimed in recent medical circles: it can do this, it can relieve that, you’ve probably heard it all. But considering how awesome chiropractic care is supposed to be, what’s your reason for not at least trying it out?

Apparently, it can relieve symptoms of health conditions as trivial as acute spinal pain and as severe as scoliosis– but you still find yourself in disbelief that such a seemingly-simple technique could actually offer such great benefits.

You don’t have to trust me to trust in chiropractic care, though: chiropractic care has continuously been seen in research as a great way to ameliorate a variety of health conditions. This constant stream of convincing evidence indicates that chiropractic care and its effectiveness shouldn’t be looked past any longer! After all, chiropractic care’s versatile techniques and general efficacy make it now relied upon by even the most cynical of medical health professionals!

One condition known as dysmenorrhea is the most frequently-seen gynecological disorder among women of childbearing age. Primary dysmenorrhea is characterized by painful menstruation without a “pathologic condition of the pelvic organs.” Even though there’s currently a high prevalence of primary dysmenorrhea in women today, the cause is pretty unknown. That being said, it is understood that the uterus and other nearby pelvic organs get their sympathetic innervation from “the thoracolumbar junction.” Knowing this, could the somatovisceral reflex stemming from spinal dyskynesia in this region be a potential cause of both the “structural and functional” changes witnessed in the uterus, leading up to dysmenorrhea?

According to chiropractors, specific spinal manipulation applied to the thoracolumbar junction of patients suffering from spinal dyskinesia could help relieve primary dysmenorrhea symptoms. A study was conducted to verify or deny such assumptions, and the uncovered evidence helped to validate the efficacy of chiropractic care, in regards to lowering the somatovisceral reflexes caused by spinal dyskinesia at the thoracolumbar junction, leading to fewer instances of dysmenorrheic symptoms. That being said, more bodies of research are necessary to further conclude such currently-held chiropractic beliefs before chiropractic care can be scientifically considered a viable treatment for these painful symptoms.

Do you or a beloved woman struggle with dysmenorrhea? If so, know that chiropractic care is here to help! Its health benefits can be experienced not far from wherever you are, as The Joint …the chiropractic place is conveniently placed across San Diego. That makes it easy for you to swing on by whenever you’re ready to finally receive individualized treatment for your specific symptoms!


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