Chiropractic Maintenance Brings Good Tidings To San Diego

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Chiropractic care can be a special experience for everyone who gives it a go– but many people still don’t know how great it can be for all things wellness, and are unwilling to give chiropractic care the shot it deserves. Perhaps they have persistent doubts, or maybe they don’t understand exactly all the greatness chiropractic care can bring.

But did you know that not only is chiropractic care everything you’ve heard and more, it’s also less expensive than other health care therapies, too?  

At least that’s what one 2012 study claimed after estimating the “total and spine-specific medical expenditures” of both Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) treatments and non-CAM treatments for spinal issue relief, as offered below:

CAM Is Cheaper– And Longer-Lasting

In all, 12,036 adults suffering from neck and back problems were used in the study, with about 41 percent of them being CAM users. Interestingly, CAM users had better health, “education, and comorbidity compared with non-CAM users.”

When researchers compared annual medical costs between the two groups, it was found that CAM users spent $424 less for “spine-related costs” than non-CAM users, as well as $796 less for total health care costs compared with non-CAM users. This sizable difference between CAM health care user costs and non-CAM health care user costs is largely due to the fact that CAM therapies have lower inpatient expenditures compared with non-CAM treatment options.

With this evidence showing that chiropractic care is not only superior to conventional medical practices, but less expensive, too, don’t you think it’s time you gave chiropractic care a fair shot? Don’t worry, because The Joint …the chiropractic place in San Diego is one trusted chiropractor you can feel good about trying. Run by expert chiropractic staff and welcoming Doctors of Chiropractic who want to show you how chiropractic care can bring profound symptom relief and lasting health benefits, The Joint is readily awaiting you and your persistent pain symptoms, whatever they may be. Plus, it doesn’t come at a steep cost, since The Joint’s services are reasonably-priced! Even better, they don’t require insurance coverage for any of their services. With The Joint, they believe that simpler is better. 

So swing on in and get ready to embark on a chiropractic journey that’s worth your time. Gentle hands and expert techniques will do their best to bring you symptom relief– just like the doctor ordered!


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