For Optimal Health, Follow These Spinal Health Tips

If you are trying to upgrade your life to a healthier way of living, it is crucial that you remember to think about your spinal health as well. Your spinal column supports many essential aspects of your overall physical health, and it even plays a big part in maintaining your mental health as well.

Since the spinal column is where messages between the body and the brain travel to and from, it is understandable that an unhealthy spine can quickly lead to an unhealthy body. Fortunately, there are plenty of things a person can do in order to improve and ensure the health of their spinal columns. Here are some great tips offered in an article by the American Chiropractic Association for keeping your spinal column healthy and happy. 

Eating a diet that is balanced and very high in nutritional value is not only great for losing weight, but it can be good for your spinal column as well. This is because the more weight a person is carrying, the more difficult it is for the spinal column to support the body, especially when the weight becomes centered on the belly.

Belly fat really adds a lot of stress and strain to the back and the spinal column, which can lead to pain and reduced mobility in the area over time. This is also why regular exercise is great for the health of your spine, but be sure to check in with a chiropractor, or your primary health care provider to learn about which exercise methods will best suit you and your health needs.

One of the most common ways people end up injuring their backs or damaging the discs of their spinal columns is by improperly lifting and carrying heavy or bulky objects. In order to lift a heavy object properly, follow these guidelines. First, stand directly in front of the object, and lower yourself by your knees. As you lift the object, be sure your arms are straight out, and that you are lifting from your knees as opposed to your back. If the object is extremely heavy, try getting someone to help you, or maybe even try pushing it on the floor.

The way you sleep can really impact your spinal health as well. Sleeping on your back or your stomach puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on your spine, so be sure to sleep on your side. You can rest a pillow between your legs for added comfort.

Finally, seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis can really improve your spinal health. Come in to the Joint clinic nearest you today to get started on the path to holistic health on your terms.

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