Four More Themed Races to Put Pep in Your Step

BashLast time we told you about four themed races to make your run a little more fun. This week, we have four more runs to try. If you are having a hard time getting motivated to exercise, why not sign up for one of these races to put a little more excitement in your workout?

Warrior Dash: if you think what you have what it takes to do this race, you can look forward to twelve grueling obstacles courses. The obstacles include running over fire and diving under logs and mud towards the finish line. All participants get a Viking hat at the finish line.

Superhero Marathon: You can dress up as your favorite superhero and run this half marathon. What makes this race a little different, besides their superhero costumes, is that participants can make a super team of other runners and do a relay-type run.

Run Disney Series: Who wouldn’t want to run at the happiest place on earth? Disney has a wide range of events for all types of runners. They even have the diaper dash, which is for crawling and other infants under a year old. This is a great family race that allows you to experience this trademark park in a different light.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Series: They say music is the best motivator for running. With this race, you can leave your iPod at home because there is a different band at each mile. At the end of the race, there is a fun concert for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you love to run or just do it to stay in shape, these fun marathons and races will make the sprint worthwhile.


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