Four Themed Races to Make Your Run More Fun

Running has always been the exercise of choice for a majority of people around the world. Some people actually enjoy the feeling of running, while others tolerate it in order to stay healthy. Whether you love running or hate it, there are so many themed races out there that every runner will love. Try out one of these races to take your exercise from boring to memory-making.

Run For Your Lives: With all of the talk about zombies, two Walking Dead fans wanted to make the zombie apocalypse a reality, well at least for the duration of a race. The goal is to run a 5,000 meter race full of obstacles and mud, as well as zombies. Runners wear a flag football belt around their waist to symbolize their health. At the end of the race two medals are given out, one for the survivors and one for the infected.

The Color Run: Put a little color in your run with the Color Run. This race is more for fun than competition, and runners get splashed with a different color at each kilometer marker. At the end of the race, you will be full of color and probably not even paying attention to how sore your legs are.

Foam Festival: While some runners like the feeling of getting muddy, others prefer the cleaner version of foam. During the foam festival, runners will find foam along their 5K path as well as in fun bounce houses. Runners are not timed, because the purpose is fun.

Hero Rush: A lot of little kids dream of becoming a firefighter, yet they never get the chance to live out their dream. The Hero Run helps anyone feel like a firefighter with a 5K run that includes fire-fighting obstacles, such as sliding down a pole and performing CPR on a dummy. The best part is that is benefits charities such as the National Firefighters Endowment.

When you need to add a little pep to your step, try one of these fun themed races. You may not become a better runner, but you will surely have a fun time doing it. Check your local area for these types of runs or learn how to start your own.


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