Have Food Producers Been Fattening Us All Along?


We live in a nation stuffed with greasy pepperoni pizzas, cheesy bacon cheeseburgers, and caramel-covered apples with more sweet stuff than actual apple. These and other modern-day food crises have three unhealthy things in common: sugar, fat, and salt.

But as David Kessler, MD, former commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, writes in his book The End of Overeating, major food corporations use our biological urges against us, using those three food factors to turn our food addictions into big fat problems.

The food industry’s sneaky tactics have been going on as far back as 1999, at least, when food industry executives willfully ignored the role they knew their foods were playing in the growing obesity epidemic across the nation.

And more than ten years later, our waistlines have continued to expand, Kessler indicates.

That’s because multilayered, multisensory foods continue preying on our desire for sugar, fat, and salt, simultaneously filling our brains with pleasure and our tummies with empty, useless calories that make us gain weight without even realizing it– while still wanting more.

For more information on food corporations’ manipulative works on our waistlines and how to curb your appetite amidst the obesity epidemic, click here.


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