How Chiropractics is Aiming to Bring Pain Relief From Ankylosing Spondylitis

Most people assume that they don’t generally have to worry about developing back pains and aches until they are well into the aging process. However, there are a few conditions out there that can develop in a person’s twenties and thirties that can end up causing back pain that can be debilitating at times.

One of those conditions is known in the medical community as Ankylosing Spondylitis, which is a type of inflammatory arthritis that tends to develop in early adulthood. What exactly is this condition, and how does it affect the body? More importantly, how can it be treated or managed?

I wanted to know the answers to these questions for myself, so I did some research until I came across a helpful and highly informative article by Everyday Health that offered some great insight into answering these as well as many other questions a person may have about this type of arthritis.

This condition often strikes a person in the early twenties, although it has been known to develop in some people in the late teen years. Ankylosing Spondylitis is an inflammation of the spinal column that creates much hardship when it comes to proper function and movement of the body. People with this condition tend to experience aches and pains, stiffness, and overall limited movement in general. This type of arthritis has been pinpointed by doctors as a condition that targets the ligaments of the body, which essentially act as important connections between the bones of the body.

Often, the stiffness that is felt as a result of this condition is usually worse in the mornings, gets better as the day goes on, only to get worse again by the end of the day after all the movement and strain that may have occurred in between. The pain and aches tend to be concentrated in the lower back area of the body, and is often described as an allover dull ache. Fortunately there are ways to soothe this pain. Warm baths and heating pads have been shown to ease the inflammation. What’s more is that chiropractic care can certainly help provide much needed relief from the pain, and may even restore some mobility to the affected joints by using manual manipulation techniques. When you tell a licensed doctor of chiropractic about your diagnosis, he or she will be able to examine your spinal column and begin to help you come up with a personalized treatment plan that will help you find pain relief on your terms. 

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