How to Handle Postpartum Back Pain

What having a baby does to a personIt took nine months to make your baby and unfortunately, it can take nine months for your body to get back to normal. One of the annoying problems that can still be present postpartum is back pain. It is hard enough to go through back pain when you are pregnant, but then to have back pain on top of sleepless nights seems almost impossible. Here are a few tips to relieve your back pain with your new baby.

  1. Get realigned. It’s no secret that your body changed drastically before birth and after. In fact, even your skeletal system shifts slightly to accommodate your growing baby. While everything goes back into place eventually, it can be painful. Visiting a chiropractor after giving birth can help relieve much of the pain in your back and neck. A wellness adjustment can also help align your hips and spine, fixing any subluxations there might have been. It is important to see a chiropractor if you are experiencing headaches or sciatica pain after birth.
  2. Work on strengthening your transverse muscles. It is important to wait until your doctor clears you before you start working out again. However, a slow, gentle walk can help with the excess weight and pain. When the doctor gives you the okay to workout again, focus on strengthening the transverse abdominal muscles. Your abs will be very weak from pregnancy, which can also be why your back pain is still around. The more you strengthen your stomach muscles, the less back pain you will have.
  3. Carry your baby correctly. Your little one may weigh less than a bag of potatoes, but it is still a good idea to have proper posture when carrying him or her. When you go to pick your baby up, keep your stomach muscles in tight and keep your back flat. This may seem like a lot to think about when your baby is crying to be picked up, but it will help. Also, avoid carrying anything heavier than the baby and stepping over baby gates. You want to carry your baby with their weight balanced in the center of your body. Carrying your baby in one arm puts more weight on one side of your body causing possible back pain.

Postpartum is such a hard time, especially with added back pain. Remember to get help when you need it and make your health a priority alongside the baby.


Always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician before taking any medical advice.

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