Improve Your Productivity and Health With a Better Morning Schedule

BreakfastMornings are hectic for all of us. Majority of us start out mornings off on the wrong foot, which just leads to more stress and unhealthy decisions later in the day. On average, most adults get about 25,000 mornings in their lifetime. That is 25,000 chances to start your day and health off right. Here are five ways to get the most out of your mornings.

  1. Energy Management, Not Time Management: It is so easy for us to think that if we only had a few more hours in the day then we would be able to get done everything we needed to. However, time management isn’t your problem. Energy management is. Schedule your tasks around your energy levels. For example, if you feel your mornings have the highest energy, then don’t waste that energy on reading email. Instead, use that energy to get the hardest jobs done first.
  2. Prepare the Night Before: This may seem simple, but it will make a huge difference in your days. If you want to be healthier and stress less, plan the night before. This could mean putting outfits together, putting meals together, and even making a quick to-do list the night before.
  3. Turn Off the Wave of Communication: If you can, don’t check your phone or email until a few hours into your morning. Why? Because unimportant emails, text messages, and social media messages can derail your efforts of productivity.
  4. Proper Posture Counts: Not only does proper posture help keep away back pain, but it can also help you stay clear minded and alert. Having the right posture will help your blood flow, as it needs to, helping you work at an optimal level.
  5. Have a Pre-Set Routine: Think of a few things that you would love to get done every morning. Perhaps it is a quick workout, some creative writing, or a little house cleaning. Whatever it is, schedule it into your morning so that it becomes a regular routine for you. This way you can automatically jump into your day doing what needs to be done without having to think about it. This will help keep the wheels of motivation/activity going as you start your work for the day.

For better health and less stressful days, it all starts with a good morning schedule. If you hit the snooze button five times, then run around like a crazy person trying to get everything ready for work, you are going to feel crunched on time and more stress. As a direct result of this time crunch and increased stress, you are bound to eat less healthy and not have the energy for working out. Changing your day can be as simple as changing your morning routine.


Always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician for all your health related advice.

Story Credit, Image Credit: Breakfast by Ian Bailey-Mortimer. Used under a Creative Commons license.

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