Ladies, Is Your Purse Giving You Back Problems?

Okay, Ladies. We know big handbags are very fashionable, but they are doing a number on your body. No matter Lady with oversized purse and back big your purse is, it is easy to stuff your whole life in there – from snacks, make up, a wallet full of change, and more – the weight of your bag adds up quickly. Don’t fall victim to trendy bags because there is nothing fashionable about bad posture and hobbling from back pain.

Choose a purse that fits you. It is recommended that your purse weigh no more than 10% of your body weight. So therefore, if you are a 130lb female, your bag should not weigh more than 13lbs. Considering how much you carry in your purse, the beginning weight of the bag should be on the lighter side. This 10% rule also applies to diaper bags, laptop bags, business cases, and back packs. Of course, if you carry more than one bag around, the combined weight of the bags should not exceed 10%.

The report on Oprah says that purses with long handles are a big no-no – “They tug you to one side in a C shape, with the purse bumping at your hip and the strap slipping (so you hunch up your shoulder to keep it in place)”. The article also suggests to skip bags with chain handles (such a cute look that is not friendly to your skin) and to avoid big bags with skinny handles.

It is also important to find a purse that is well-made. If your bag is falling apart, chances are it is not doing a whole lot for your shoulders either. Soft leather and nylon bags are good choices, while stiff leather and bags overly decorated with studs and hardware.

It is equally important to pack your purse correctly. The weight should be distributed evenly throughout the bag. Remember not to overload your purse too. You may be surprised at how heavy your bag is. Get on the scale and see. Too cut down on the extra stuff in your bag, you can purchase a smaller bag which will force you to only pack the important stuff. Invest in a smaller, more compact wallet to save space and weight in your purse, too. Ask yourself if you really need everything that is in your purse. Can you put some stuff in another bag that can be kept in the car until needed?

In conclusion, a woman’s purse can tell a lot about her. Don’t let your purse tell others that you have back problems and poor posture. Find a comfortable bag that fits your body and holds only your daily essentials. Fashion is never worth the cost of spine misalignment.

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