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The JointCould expert chiropractic care help relieve autistic symptoms?

Not only does it impact an affected child and his/her family’s quality of life, but recent estimates indicate the lifetime cost for a person with ASD is $3.2 million and $35 billion for the whole birth contingent. Because of the clinical heterogeneity of ASD, treatment techniques are typically multidisciplinary, and often include alternative therapies- especially when no pharmaceutical agent is shown to be effective for the primary symptoms of ASD. Chiropractic therapy is a frequently-used alternative therapy for children with ASD. A methodical review of the literature was conducted to offer context for future research aspirations in this field.

The comprehensive review of the literature on the administration of chiropractic care for patients with ASD utilized eight separate databases. The criteria for inclusion eligibility were as follows: (1) the study was a primary investigation/report written in an English peer-reviewed journal, (2) the study included patients who were 18 years old, and (3) patients were already diagnosed with autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, PDD-NOS, or ASD.

Researchers’ systematic review of the literature conveyed five total articles that included three different case reports, a singular cohort study, and one randomized comparison trial. The literature was found to lack adequate documentation of the chiropractic care of children with ASD.

At the center of the primary symptoms of ASD (such as impaired social interactions, poor communication skills, and repetitive or confined behavioral patterns) is atypical sensory processing. Initial studies find that chiropractic adjustments could diminish sensorimotor integration because of somatosensory-induced studies.

In conclusion, researchers expect continued research for more definitive studies based on chiropractic’s ability to help relieve symptoms of ASD. Furthermore, considering the ineffectiveness of pharmaceutical components, a trial of chiropractic care for autistic patients looks to be both sagacious and vindicated.

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