Relieve Neck Pain Naturally With Chiropractic At-Home Exercises

You may be surprised to know that neck pain is rapidly becoming one of the most common complaints of pain in people today. I have a theory as to why this may be the case, and I think many scientists and healthcare professionals will agree: we have become a society that’s obsessed with our technology, and our bodies are paying for it. Think about all the time you spend hunched over a computer at your cubicle, or with your neck craned down to send off that text message to your friend. In particular, health officials are beginning to notice a common health issue that unites more of us than we’d like to admit – the dreaded “tech neck” that occurs when we spend too much time engaged in our online activities.

Unsurprisingly, tech neck can lead to many health issues, and it most often causes stiffness and soreness in the neck region. Jutting your neck out into an unnatural posture for prolonged periods of time can lead to improper alignment of the upper spinal column, which can cause inflammation in the surrounding muscles and soft tissues, as well as potentially pinched nerves. There are ways to combat this health issue of course: in addition to seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis, there are certain exercises you can do at home in between sessions that will benefit the health of your neck greatly, as recommended by an article by Bodi Empowerment.

Even if you take this into account and promise yourself to sit in the proper posture at your desk, as you get more engrossed in your work, your chin will jut out and your neck will crane forward, without you even realizing what you’re doing. This causes your muscles to strain more than they naturally should, and you will experience stiffness and discomfort in the area as a result. For this reason, simply promising yourself to sit in the proper posture just isn’t enough. It would greatly benefit you to make an appointment with your local doctor of chiropractic, so you can begin to see the benefits of natural alignments and adjustments for yourself. You may find that your headaches and muscle soreness greatly decreases, or even vanishes entirely, since your muscles will no longer be strained in unnatural alignment poses. While sitting at your desk, try this simple exercise:

  • Place both of your hands just below the collarbone, and start to push down.
  • Meanwhile, extend your neck backwards and to the side.
  • Repeat three sets of these for thirty seconds each on both sides of your neck.

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