Sleep It, Don’t Sip It: Why Late-Night Drinks Are Ruining Your Snooze

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When it comes to the trifecta of good health– diet, exercise, and sleep– don’t think for a second that each one is really all that separate from the others. The truth is, these three functions of a healthy lifestyle are fully integrated with one another, and it’s impossible to be the healthiest you can be if you don’t keep all of them in check. What’s more, being deficient in any one of these three health indicators can cause the other two to be less efficient, too.

But one of these is not like the others: while you can survive for years eating poor-quality nutrition or never stepping foot at your local gym, your body would rather die before letting you see how long you can go without sleep.

In fact, if I could encapsulate one well-known phrase to describe our body’s attitude about letting us go without sleep, it would be this: over my dead body.

It’s certainly no coincidence that your body would rather have you fall asleep at the wheel than go months on end without eating wholesome foods or hitting the gym: without enough sleep, good health is dead faster than you can blink.

Take a look at why one poor sleeping habit could be wrecking the most important part of experiencing a healthy lifestyle below:

Drinking too much liquid before bed.

This is particularly true when it comes to alcohol– but regardless of what you’re drinking, you’ll find yourself spending more time on (or aiming into) the pot than you do in the sheets when you’re sipping too close to beddy-bye time.  

And even if you only go once or twice during the wee hours of the night, the effects can be monumental: waking to go to the bathroom disrupts your natural sleep patterns, making falling back to sleep after your midnight tinkle quite a tall order. What’s more, if you turn on the light when you go, you run the risk of suppressing melatonin production.

Next time you’re feeling thirsty before bed, hold up: stop drinking a full two hours before bedtime and use a red night light in your bathroom, just in case you end up having to go anyway that evening. These two factors should hopefully keep you from losing an entire night’s worth of healthy sleep, just because you had a glass of water before bed. 


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