Study Proves that Weight Loss Apps Help You Lose More Weight

a side profile of a woman smilingLosing weight can be as simple as using your smart phone – no, really! Recent studies have shown that individuals were more likely to lose more weight if they used an app to track their food and activity. Now you can get a head start on your New Year’s weight loss with the right apps.

The study that was conducted took 69 overweight and obese adults, split them into two groups, and followed their weight loss for a year. The control group attended health education classes, but did not use any mobile apps.

The report says, “App-assisted patients lost an average of 15 pounds and maintained the loss for at least a year. The participants outside the “+mobile” group lost an average of 8.6 pounds per person.” An almost seven pound difference just for using an app. Chances are your individual weight loss would be much more significant, since this was an overall average of about 34 people.

Why do the apps work? There are many simple explanations. First off, using an app to track all of your calories makes you aware of what you are eating and how much you are eating. How many times do we think we have eaten healthy for the day but forgot about that we put too much high-fat dressing on our salad or didn’t realize that the “light” menu from our favorite restaurant was chock-full of calories? Tracking your calories and every bite, lick, and taste will help you understand why you may not be losing the extra pounds.

There are also weight loss apps that help keep you motivated with daily inspirations and reminders. Maybe you will be more keen to drinking your eight glasses of water or going for a walk if your smart phone reminded you several times a day until you completed the goal.

Want to see if an app can help you get healthier? Here are three free weight loss apps that you can install on your smart phone or smart device. For those who do not have a smart device, many of these apps also have free websites that will allow you to track from your computer.

Top Three Free Weight Loss Apps:

  1. LoseIt: The LoseIt app allows you to track your weight changes, your calories burned, and calories consumed. It even allows you to brag about your weight loss on Facebook, without actually telling people how much you weigh. If that isn’t motivating enough, LoseIt also awards its users with rewards for logging your calories and for losing weight.
  2. MyFitnessPal: This weight loss app is very similar to the LoseIt app. It has a large food database to help you track calories consumed. It also allows you to add friends, allowing you to see their accomplishments. Accountability is another essential key in losing the pounds for good.
  3. Fitness Pro: While cutting out the unhealthy foods will help you shed the unwanted weight, adding in cardio and strength training will help you reach your weight goals faster. The Fitness Pro app has a library of over 450 exercises. It has pictures of real people doing the exercise, along with a description of how to do it. It is the perfect app to have while traveling so you can fit in a workout wherever you go.

Remember, an app cannot do all the work for you, but it can help you. Use one of these free apps to keep you accountable and discipline. Use a weight loss app not listed here? We would love to hear about it.

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