The Link Between Poor Posture And Neck Pain

You probably already know about the link between poor posture and back pain, but did you realize that you can develop neck pain as a direct result of poor posture as well? Yes, the way you carry yourself as you stand, sit, and walk throughout each and every day plays a significant role in the overall health and well being of the muscles in your neck, and can determine whether you end up experiencing any physical aches, pain, or other discomfort in the area or not, as I learned after reading a very helpful and informative article post on the topic by Spine Health.

The next time that you find yourself experiencing any sort of aches, pain, or discomfort in the neck, be sure to check with a healthcare professional about it. As long as your discomfort and symptoms are not the result of whiplash, it may be safe to assume that poor posture is to blame. 

The reason why the muscles in the neck are so vulnerable to experiencing pain that is related to poor posture is because the neck sits directly above the natural curvature of the spine. When the spinal column is aligned correctly, it is easier for the muscles in the neck to do their job correctly, since they are being supported in a healthy manner. However, if the spinal column is not in its optimal position, the muscles and soft tissues in the neck can start to deteriorate, degenerate, and become degraded. This of course can often lead to many painful symptoms and health issues later on down the line, when it is left untreated. 

The most common posture problem that results in neck pain is known as the forward head tilt, which often happens as a result of sitting down and staring at one fixed space for long periods of time. For example, sitting at a desk in an office and working on a computer all day will often cause a person to unnaturally tilt their neck forward and down in order to see the screen better. Unfortunately, this causes a lot of unnecessary stress and strain to the spine and the muscles of the neck, which creates inflammation and stiffness in the area. One of the easiest and safest ways to ensure the health of your neck, and to prevent future instances of pain from occurring is by seeing a chiropractor and getting spinal adjustments on a regular basis.

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