The Perfect Drinks For Five Specific Health Goals


Though many of us have water in our sink tap and a gallon of milk in the fridge, did you know these reasonably priced beverages– among others that you probably have sitting in your fridge– might offer more than just dehydration relief?

That’s right, there are many well-known drinks that can serve as helpful health agents in daily situations.

Check out five suggestions for situational sippin’ below.

Building Muscle

For all of you with a mission for muscles, milk is the answer. That’s because milk has two proteins: whey and casein, which carry essential amino acids crucial for building muscle.

Losing Weight

If you’re in a situation of being heavier than you want to be, try the world’s most-drank drink: green tea. As you drink the drink, know that green tea can help you drop weight by slightly enhancing your metabolism when you drink four cups per day. Grapefruit juice can also be a warrior in your weight-loss battle, as ingesting just half a grapefruit with each meal shows greater weight-loss benefits than can be seen with other juices.


The best thing you can do immediately following a workout is to drink water, so you can adequately replace the sweat and bodily fluids you’ve lost during your exercise. Chocolate milk can also help your body recover because of its four to one carb-to-protein ratio. Maybe try making a sports drink, too, by using carbs, sodium, potassium and protein powder for a more natural (and healthy) alternative.


When you’re on a run, water is always the thing you need most. During runs of 90 minutes or more, though, you might want to sip on a sports drink like Gatorade to replace the sodium stores you lose, among other electrolytes. Here’s a shocker: drinking tart cherry juice for just one week before a big run has been shown to subside post-run muscle pain, too. Tart cherry juice can also improve muscle recovery if you drink it right when you’re finished exercising. Furthermore, even coconut water provides the same hydration and exercise endurance support as the majority of sports drinks– but with far fewer calories!

Muscle Cramps

It was just a matter of time before a nasty taste like pickle juice found its way on this list. If you have the stomach for it, pickle juice can potentially alleviate painful muscle cramps and spasms. Pickle juice might even help prevent painful contractions from happening altogether. In fact, research indicates that the sour stuff may improve communication between our brains and muscles when we feel fatigued.


Always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician for all your health related advice.

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