Too Fat To Fly: Why One Passenger’s Plight Presents Big Problem For Flight


When it comes to the obesity epidemic currently crawling across the nation, could it be flying, too?

Perhaps you remember hearing about an incident back in 2010 that happened after film director Kevin Smith- who directed films like Clerks, Chasing Amy, and Cop Out, among others- needed to be taken from a Southwest Airline flight because he was too big to fit into a passenger seat. The resulting fallout saw Smith heavily criticize Southwest on his Twitter page, and eventually helped bring some attention to the massive problem of ever-increasing oversized-passenger policies. As it would turn out, several airlines clarified their seating rules shortly thereafter. Perhaps that was a penny-wise solution, though, since the grub they continue to give certainly isn’t helping anybody drop weight.

What Happened?

Smith had actually booked two seats right next to each other on a later flight, but realized a seat was available on an earlier one after he arrived at the airport. Though only one seat was scheduled for vacancy on the flight, Smith decided to give it a whirl. He was seated as passengers began boarding, but after taking the seat he’d been fortunate to find, Smith was told that- in accordance with current airline seating policy- he was considered too fat to fit adequately in the seat.

Southwest later issued an apology to Smith for inconveniencing and embarrassing him, and even gave him a $100 voucher for a later flight. But that wasn’t stopping Smith from continuing to go viral about the situation, leading to a heated debate taking place on the Internet between people in support of Smith and those who believed that these seating policies (ones that airlines indicate are based on very real safety concerns) must continue to be enforced.

With America’s obesity problem continuing to grow, what do you think is the best solution for situations like these?


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