Too Much TV Linked To Spinal Problems

Sitting down to watch TV after a long and stressful day at work is a great way to unwind, and most of us do it. However, too many hours spent plopped in front of the tube can have some serious, even if unintended, health consequences.

Leaning forward for hours at a time each day, especially when we’re unaware of even doing so, can take a heavy toll on the neck muscles and back muscles. This strain on our necks can put an overwhelming amount of pressure onto our spinal columns, which can eventually lead to irreversible damage or even spinal surgeries. In fact, every inch forward you crane your neck is about another 10 added pounds of pressure on your spinal column.

Treating TV-Induced Posture Problems With Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care works exclusively on the neck and back areas, which happen to be the areas most commonly affected and negatively impacted by too much TV watching. If you have been noticing a correlation between the amount of TV you watch and the amount of pain you experience in your neck, shoulders, and back, you should head into any one of The Joint locations that’s close to you so you can start getting the treatment you need.

Your chiropractor will examine your spinal column for any vertebral subluxations, which are misalignments in the spine. Chances are high that if you have spent enough time sitting in poor posture in front of the TV, you have caused a misalignment in your spinal column. Over the course of weekly or bi weekly chiropractic sessions, a chiropractor will work to gently realign your spinal column so that the subluxations are corrected. Many people who come in to get their spinal columns adjusted and realigned notice a sharp decrease in the amount of pain and strain they deal with on a daily basis.

Many people are surprised at how different they feel now that they stress a misaligned spinal column can place is relieved. Still, it is important to take care of your habits at home, so you can feel all the benefits of a chiropractic care session. Watching TV is ok, but be sure to stand up and stretch every thirty minutes or so. It also helps to go for a brisk walk, even if it’s just a quick lap around the house during a commercial break. This will keep the muscles in your spine from becoming too rigid and too strained.

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