Using Guided Imagery to Relieve Chronic Pain

I think most people would agree with me when I say that perhaps one of the most devastating aspects of dealing with chronic pain is the feeling that a patient has no control over their body anymore. After all, if your back aches all the time, regardless of the cause or reason, you can’t simply use your mind to tell your back to stop hurting.

However, it is important to not let yourself sink into the hopeless feeling that you are trapped in your own body. In fact, there are plenty of treatment methods that are available for patients who are dealing with long term, chronic pain, regardless of how it was caused or how severe it is. There are even some natural methods that can be used to make the quality of a patient’s life much higher than it used to be. In addition to chirorpactic care, a patient can be taught to use certain mental and mindfulness techniques in order to improve their physical and mental health and well being, as revealed by a helpful article by Spine Health.

The problem with physical treatment methods, such as using medication, undergoing an invasive procedure, or injecting any sort of foreign substance into the body is that there are often side effects and negative consequences to these actions. In fact, the side effects are sometimes so bad that it’s often considered to be just not worth a try in the long run. Yet interestingly enough, scientific studies have shown that the power of the mind can have a lot of influence over the way a patient processes the physical pain and discomfort that they may be experiencing. Even if the physical act of injecting morphine or some other pain reliever into the body is just not a viable option, a patient may benefit from simply imagining that it is happening.

In other words, a patient who is experiencing bad pain in the back can try imagining an injection of a pain reliever or local anesthetic going into the area of the body that hurts. The power of this image may actually be enough to ease the discomfort that is currently being felt. The patient can also try imagining a flood of endorphins being released from the mind in order to soothe their pain. As silly as it may sound, these alternative treatment methods have been shown to work out well for many patients, especially when performed alongside chiropractic adjustments. 

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