What Is Cryotherapy And How Can It Benefit Chiropractic Patients?

When it comes to getting all natural pain relief, more and more people are beginning to understand the efficacy and benefits of turning to chiropractic care to relieve their symptoms caused by various pain related conditions.

In addition to the manual manipulation techniques used by doctors of chiropractic in order to relieve pain and discomfort while also working to improve mobility in the joints of the body, many patients can also benefit from more than a few supplementary treatment methods and techniques.

Many doctors of chiropractic are happy to recommend other alternative and all natural treatment methods for their patients that tend to work in conjunction with chiropractic care in order to improve a patient’s health and wellness overall. One of the more interesting-sounding methods I recently learned about is cryotherapy. Intrigued by what exactly this intense sounding treatment was, I began to dig around online until I came across a helpful post by CBS News that profiles the details of this trendy treatment method. This is what I learned.

You may have heard of cryogenics in relation to Walt Disney; specifically, how his body is frozen to preserve him should reanimation ever become possible in the future. While this is awesome to think about, it’s a topic for another article. Back to the subject at hand, cryotherapy at its most basic level involves using ice compresses on the surface of the skin to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. The cold ice compresses work to reduce the temperature in the surrounding soft tissues, which constricts blood vessels and therefore numbs areas of the body that are currently experiencing pain, by preventing pain signals from reaching the brain.

This temporary relief is often exactly what’s needed by many chiropractic patients after a long day on their feet, or those who are dealing with a headache that just won’t leave on its own. Cryotherapy is beneficial in large part because it is relatively cheap, inexpensive, and easy to perform by patients everywhere, which makes it a popular choice for chiropractors to recommend to their patients to implement in the home. Inbetween sessions of chiropractic adjustments, many patients with chronic pain related conditions can, and oftentimes do, find great benefits in learning how to successfully apply cryotherapy techniques to their home healthcare routines. It would be a good idea to talk to your doctor of chiropractic in order to determine if cryotherapy may benefit you. 

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