What You Can Learn From People Who Live Off of The Land

Have you ever met someone who seems to have just found their groove with nature? It’s almost as if they have seriously outsmarted all of us. They’re healthy, they’re happy, they eat well, they are active, they don’t diet, and they rarely have gym memberships. It’s as if they’ve found the secret to long, healthy, and happy lives right in their own backyards. So what is their secret? Below, you’ll find a few useful life tips that you can learn from people who have chosen to live off of the land:

#1: Do something that makes you happy. 

People who have chosen to take advantage of the dirt that they live on generally do so because they find gardening to be relaxing, therapeutic, and utterly gratifying. Even if you don’t necessarily find much joy from sticking your hands into a pile of dirt, take a page from the book of avid gardeners and find something that does bring joy to your life. Sign up for an art class, learn how to wine taste, spend your weekends sailing, or find a rock climbing gym. Whatever your passion is, make it a part of your life.

#2: Eating well can taste really, really good. 

Food that comes straight from the ground tastes completely different from the stuff that you buy at the grocery store. It’s fresher, it’s still chalk full of beneficial nutrients, and it retains much more flavor. Many gardeners have realized that the less they do with their food, the better it tastes. A drizzle of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon, or a dash of salt and pepper is really all you need in order to make fresh food taste fantastic. Don’t have a garden at your fingertips? Visit your local farmers’ market for some seriously fresh (and low maintenance) fare. 

#3: Good things come to those who wait. 

This is a lesson that is easier said than learned. Gardeners have mastered it, however, because there is so much nurturing and watering and waiting that goes into planting a successful garden. It could be months between when you plant your first seed and when you can actually start to harvest fruits and vegetables. And yet, they wait. Everyone can learn something valuable from this lesson. Even if you’re not waiting for fruits and vegetables to ripen, being able to remain patient can be applicable to most areas of one’s daily life. 


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