What’s The Difference Between A Naturopath Doctor And A Chiropractor?

When it comes to alternative treatment methods and remedies for illnesses and pain related conditions, there are actually a wide variety of options for any person to choose from. You have probably heard of chiropractors before, and maybe you’ve even heard of or been recommended by a friend to try a naturopath doctor.

If you are currently suffering from aches and pains related to an acute or chronic pain related condition, you may be hoping to find a natural treatment method that works for you and your particular condition, as opposed to attempting to try potentially risky and dangerous medications or invasive surgeries.

If you have been running across a wide variety of terms and types of treatment options during your research, you may be left feeling understandably overwhelmed with information and confused on what path to take that will be the right choice for you and your needs. I know that when I was first learning about alternative medicine, I was getting very confused by the differences between different types of doctors and treatment methods, which is why I was so glad to come across an article by Enlighten Me that does a fantastic job at breaking down the definitions of, in particular for the purposes of this post, and the differences between, naturopath doctors and doctors of chiropractic.

I’ll get the easiest part out of the way by letting you know that essentially, a doctor of chiropractic is a naturopath doctor. See, that’s not too complicated to remember now is it? It is definitely easier to think of naturopath doctors as having the much broader definition ofbeing a licensed health care specialist who uses therapies and techniques that are completely natural, free of drugs, and non invasive to the body. This broad definition can include a wide variety of different doctors and practices, from acupuncturists to herbalists to homeopathy and even, yes, chiropractic.

A doctor of chiropractic is a naturopath doctor, in the sense that he or she only uses natural and non invasive techniques to relieve symptoms of pain for their patients, while also working to ensure overall greater health throughout the body by encouraging the body to heal itself, as opposed to teaching the body to rely on outside sources such as risky drugs and even riskier surgeries in order to be healed. Other types of naturopath doctors follow the same tenets.

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