Why Cycling And Swimming Are The Best Workouts For Back Pain Patients

If you have ever experienced any sort of back pain or soreness, whether it was acute or chronic, I’m sure that the thought of getting enough exercise was the absolute last thing on your mind. It certainly seems to make sense that in the face of back pain, a patient’s best option is to simply lie down for long stretches of time to avoid straining their back muscles and joints in the area.

However, contrary to this popular belief, it turns out that more and more doctors of chiropractic as well as other healthcare experts and professionals are encouraging their back pain patients to actually practice light to moderate exercises on a somewhat regular basis. This is because light amounts of exercise can work to increase the strength of the muscles in the back, so that they are more resistant to future injuries or strains. What’s more is that spending too much time lying or sitting down can actually make back pain even worse, since it allows the joints and the spinal discs to stiffen up and possibly become inflamed.

If you are currently experiencing any type of back pain or discomfort, you are more than likely wondering exactly which exercises you should be performing on a regular basis in order to keep your spinal column healthy and your back free from pain, stiffness, or any other discomfort. You will want to avoid high impact exercises, such as weight lifting, but as I learned from a helpful article by How Stuff Works, it turns out that cycling and swimming are the absolute best exercises for people with back pain. Keep on reading to find out why this is the case.

When it comes to the healing process of back pain, you want to find the best balance that allows you to continue exercising, but not to strain your back muscles. Cycling and swimming are both low impact and low velocity exercise methods that can be adjusted and customized to each individual person’s personal skill level and ability, depending on the state of their health. Cycling is best done in an indoor gym setting until the back pain improves greatly, since there is more control involved in this scenario. You can adjust the amount of resistance as well as the speed you go while cycling. As for swimming, you will once again be able to adjust the speed and pace of your workout, while also getting just the right amount of resistance from the water to give your upper back and shoulders a healthy workout. Feel free to talk with your chiropractor about other helpful fitness tips when it comes to working through back pain.

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