Why Dropping Pounds Is Dropping Years From Your Appearance


When it comes to aging, there’s just nothing you can do about it.

Or is there?

Aging isn’t just wrinkled lines and hanging skin– it happens to all of us at a microscopic level. But fortunately, dealing with your cells on this micro-level can slow and sometimes even reverse aging.

Much of aging has to do with cell division, and one phenomenon called senescence involves your old cells failing to divide like they should for a continued youthful appearance. This happens because of what’s known as telomeres, which lay on the ends of our chromosomes for protection, says Lauren Kessler, who wrote the book Counterclockwise. When these telomeres get too short, they often set off senescence.

Take a look at why exercise and weight loss can keep your telomeres long– and your youthful appearance for even longer.


Exercise is a great way to combat medical problems, sure: but it could also be the key to staying young. Researchers realized that, in mice at least, a lack of exercise sped up cellular aging (as did a poor diet).

Implementing an exercise wheel for the mice led to substantial drops in the evidence of cell senescence and related inflammation. This data, then, understands that poor nutritional habits significantly quicken the “accumulation of senescent cells, and…exercise can prevent or delay this fundamental process of aging,” the authors offered.

Also, Kessler says exercise raises your levels of mitochondria, which generate the necessary energy for your body to function in a variety of ways– including cell division!

“The biochemical truth is, if you demand more, you will get more,” Kessler admits. Many studies continue to find that exercise improves your mitochondria count as well as their metabolic performance, she continues. This leads to healthier cells that have the energy to continue splitting.

Losing Weight

Losing weight can help you better maintain your diabetes, lower your blood pressure— and perhaps even give your cells the perfect– and free!– face lift, indicates research recently. It was found that having gastric bypass surgery improved the length of telomeres in patients.

Obesity has poor health effects, including premature aging, and an overall lower life expectancy, admits John Morton, MD, associate at the Stanford University Medical Center. When your telomeres lengthen, he says, you’re more likely to counter the signs of aging.

Although this study was conducted on the premise of surgical weight loss, future research will hopefully uncover similar results.

Always remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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