Why Hemp Is The Workout Hero You’ve Been Looking For

Hemp is a superfood that can do just about anything: it helps balance your hormones, provides nourishment to both your skin and hair, and even relaxes post-workout inflammation. It even has some history, too, as The Declaration of Independence was drafted on this mainstay crop, and early American flags were made from the plant as well. To show its durability, one report claimed as many as 25,000 uses for hemp, ranging from ropes to food.

Unfortunately, hemp has one big problem: it looks too much like another unmentionable substance. Because of this similarity, an American campaign ultimately brought down the important crop, disallowing U.S. farmers from growing and capitalizing on hemp agriculture. Talk about guilty by association!

As someone who’s always hated being guilty by association, I can feel hemp’s pain. Whether it’s being judged by my appearance, the people I’m with, or the things I used to do, it can be especially frustrating when someone incorrectly makes an assertion about me based simply on assumptions or out-of-date stereotypes.

But bringing hemp back to life in American agriculture could end up being a huge economic boost for our nation: one that could lead to improved agricultural yields! Since hemp grows easily without toxic pesticides, this could mean a huge blow to the makers of GMO products. It could also provide a healthy, plant-based protein to many Americans!

And don’t worry about having to search far and wide for the crispy stuff: working hemp into your weekly diet probably isn’t as difficult as you might assume. You can get hemp seeds at local health food stores across the nation, and once you get yourself a bag of the good stuff, you can sprinkle shelled hemp on your favorite salads, yogurt, or cereal for an extra burst of texture. You can also use shelled hemp seeds in soup if you want a nice plant-based protein kick, or put them into your protein shakes for a naturally-nutty flavor.

As a personal fanatic of protein shakes myself, I guess I have another thing in common with hemp. And considering all the health benefits the seed protein is waiting to give, that certainly isn’t a bad thing!

I guess me and hemp are in this together– and there’s no reason you shouldn’t join us and give this useful product another try. Holding a grudge for this long is just petty.


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