Your Chiropractor May Use These Additional Therapies To Treat You

stretchYou probably associate chiropractic care with the manual manipulation of the spinal column and joints in your back for pain relief and treatment for a variety of ailments, injuries, and illnesses. While spinal manipulation is the core treatment plan of any chiropractic clinic, there are other additional therapies your doctor of chiropractic may turn to in addition to spinal adjustments. This is because many of these additional therapies are great at working in conjunction with your chiropractic treatments in order to really boost the health benefits you will be receiving in your healthcare. Here are some additional therapies your doctor of chiropractic may turn to for additional help in treating your specific condition or conditions. He or she may perform these in the clinic, or your doctor of chiropractic may instruct you to perform these in the comfort of your own home.

Moist Heat

In addition to using cryotherapy (the use of cold packs) and diathermy (deep tissue heat treatment), moist heat is a form of treatment that many chiropractors, physical therapists, and other medical professionals turn to for aid in treating a wide variety of conditions. Moist heat will dilate and expand the capillaries and blood vessels in your body so that any interference or blockage will become relieved. As you may know, spinal and joint manipulation works to relieve congestion in your nervous system, so any interference is cleared up. In this way, moist heat works in tandem with your chiropractor’s adjustment techniques so that you are getting the most beneficial treatment that you are able to receive. Moist heat also promotes better circulation throughout your body, which works with the treatments your chiropractor does in each session to encourage your body to heal and strengthen itself on its own.


These high frequency sound waves cause a vibration within your skin tissue so that you receive what is essentially a micro massage of sorts. The vibration of each individual cell that is the result of microscopic massage in your ultrasound therapy causes your cells to increase their metabolic rate so waste product is made rid of at a much faster rate. Your body is only able to have a health metabolic rate and process when congestion and interference is relieved from your nervous system, which is exactly what the micro massage from ultrasound treatment and therapy can do for your body. 

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