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With back pain affecting millions of people around the world, there are plenty of statistics out there. With all this information, it’s hard to know what to believe in, and what is just another rumor about how to prevent back pain. Here are just five important back pain facts to keep in mind. They could help you improve your back pain situation.

Pain Can Return in 25-62% of Back Pain Sufferers within Two Years

Treating back pain generally doesn’t come about from a one-time solution. Instead, it is an ongoing process – a lifelong health habit. The biggest mistake people make, is that they walk away from therapy and healthy habits once their back pain improves. Keeping up with regular chiropractic care means getting manual adjustments, even when you are not in noticeable pain. Regular adjustments are what prevent future pain and injuries.

Bed Rest is Not Beneficial

If your back pain sends you to your bed or the couch often, try to resist the temptation. Over time, the inactivity can make the pain worse. It results in blood clots, stiffness, and even muscle and bone mineral loss. It is better to stay active with regular and gentle exercise.

Prescription Muscle Relaxants Are Not Ideal

Prescription medicines can certainly relieve back pain, but the problem with them is that they prolong the duration of recovery. These medications also come with a lot of negative side effects.

The Majority of the Time, Radiology Imaging Is Not Needed

It is wise to not partake in an X-ray, cat scan, or MRI on your first visit to the chiropractor or doctor. Many chiropractors and doctors rely a little too heavily on these technologies, and they are not needed. In certain cases, these technologies are handy, but a good chiropractor will be able to identify which back pain cases have red flag symptoms that require a deeper look.

Heat Works Better

When it comes to back pain and injury care, many professionals recommend icing it. However, when it comes to ridding your lower back from pain, heat is the better way to go. Try a heating pad or a warm bath to soothe your pain.

Were you surprised by any of the back pain facts? The most surprising for many people is that back pain can return. This is simply because we all slip back into our bad habits and poor posture. Having a membership at The Joint – Point Loma, helps you stay accountable to regular chiropractic care. Because The Joint’s services are often so affordable and quick, incorporating chiropractic care into your life will soon become a normal part of your weekly routine. 


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