5 Facts You Need to Know About Chiropractic Care for Whiplash in Point Loma

Over one million people suffer from whiplash each year. The truth is that all of us are likely to be involved in a car accident at some point in our lives. When that day occurs, it is best to know the facts about whiplash that will save you from a lot of pain later down the road.

Pain Is Not the Only Symptom

Neck pain and stiffness is the most common symptom of whiplash, but it is not the only symptom. Whiplash injuries also present themselves in shoulder pain, headaches, neck swelling, muscle spasms, nausea, dizziness, and blurred vision. In some cases, pain may not even be present right away and it may take several days for the pain and other symptoms to develop.

Injuries Can Happen Even in Speeds Less than 5 MPH

Many people think that they could not possibly have whiplash because the accident was at such a slow speed. One study found that 29% of individuals developed whiplash symptoms while being rear ended at 2.5 mph. Even at only 10 mph, the collision can produce up to 9 G’s of force on your neck. Don’t think you should be injury-free just because the accident was at minor speeds.

Impact Moves the Neck Into An Unnatural S Curve

Depending on the amount of impact and area of impact, your spine can endure a lot of pressure and be pushed past its natural comfort zone.

X-Rays Are Not the Best for Fracture Detection

X-rays may be a wise idea after a bad accident, but they don’t always show the whole story. Many X-rays usually come up negative for fractures to the cervical spine. This is why it is better to have a medical professional examine you rather than just relying on X-ray images.

Chiropractic Care Should Be Done After A Car Accident

Chiropractors deal with a lot of whiplash injuries and are specifically trained to identify and treat these types of injuries. Wellness adjustments are extremely important after a car accident to avoid future pain and damage to your spine. Depending on how severe the accident and injuries are, it may take several weeks or months of wellness adjustments before you feel better again.

After a car accident, your health should be a priority. It is important to be checked for whiplash and treated by a chiropractor right after an accident. Your car repairs can wait, but your spine health should not.


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