6 Ways to Avoid Back Pain Next Christmas

Whether you were ready for it or not, Christmas came and went! And what are you left with? Most likely, ripped up wrapping paper and possibly a little back pain. It is not uncommon for everyone to be rushing about and in a constant state of stress as they prepared for the big day. However, with all of the preparations needed for Christmas, it is also common to get back pain, achy joints, and even back injuries. Here are some tips to avoid back pain next holiday season.

Slow Down While Shopping

Everywhere you go to shop will likely be crowded and full of stressed out people. Don’t let their stress affect you. Instead, just relax and take your time. An even better idea is to shop earlier in the day before work to avoid the crowd.

Shop Online

Spending hours walking the mall and carrying heavy shopping bags can do a number on your back. Instead, take advantage of online shopping. There are so many great deals during the holiday times, so it is worth it to save time and back pain with a few clicks of the mouse.

Keep Warm

When you are really cold and start to shake, your muscles are more vulnerable to getting strained or becoming sore. Bundle up with several layers to avoid feeling cold.

Keep Good Posture

You will likely spend a lot of time writing Christmas cards and wrapping presents. Remember to have good posture, even when it is easier just to hunch over the gift you are wrapping. Try wrapping presents on a table rather the floor to avoid poor posture all together.

Rest Often and Keep Hydrated

When you are cold, water may be the last thing you want to reach for. However, it is important to stay well hydrated to avoid unnecessary back pain. You can also stay hydrated with warm tea too. Remember to take frequent rests so that your busy schedule doesn’t leave you feeling worn out and in pain by the end of December.

Wear Supportive Shoes

You spend a lot of time running around and doing errands, which means you need good shoes. It may not be fashionable to wear your running shoes all over town, but they are better for your feet and back.

The holidays can be stressful, but one thing that doesn’t have to be stressful this season or next is chiropractic care. Stop by The Joint for easy and affordable chiropractic care that will help you battle the aches and pains that Christmas brings (though we can’t do anything about the pain your relatives bring during the holidays).

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