7 Sleeping Mistakes That Mess With Your Health

Getting plenty of sleep is just as important as eating your vegetables and working out regularly. And even though sleep is a natural thing that all of us know how to do from conception, we still do so many things wrong when it comes to our shut-eye time.

Are you guilty of one of these sleeping mistakes?

You Rely Too Much On A Sleep Tracker

You don’t need a sleep tracker to tell you if you slept well. You should be able to tell by how you wake up and how you feel the rest of the day. You should wake up feeling refreshed every day. If you don’t, then you are doing something wrong, and you need to fix it. A sleep tracker is not the best tool to help you sleep better. Instead, establishing healthy sleep habits is the way to go.

You Only Use a Pillow for Your Head

It is a good idea to sleep with a pillow or wedge underneath your knees if you sleep on your back, to take the pressure off your lower back. If you sleep on your side, a pillow in between your legs can help keep your hips level and avoid poor posture while sleeping.

You Sleep on Your Stomach

Your stomach is the worst possible position to be sleeping in. Sleeping on your stomach limits your air flow and can cause back and neck pain.

You Drink Before Bed

Alcohol can help you doze off faster, but it can also interfere with the quality of your sleep. One bit of research also found that the more you drink, the worse you will sleep. If you are going to drink, try doing it many hours before bedtime.

You Don’t Have a Bedtime

A set bedtime is not just for kids; it is actually important for adults too. Being consistent with what times you go to bed and wake up allows your body to know when it is time to shut down and when it is time to get up. This means that you will not wake up feeling so drowsy.

You Sleep In On The Weekends

You cannot make up for missed sleep on the weekends. Your body needs consistent nights of good rest. Skimping on sleep regularly can even lead to permanent brain damage, so don’t think you can just make up some hours once the weekend hits.

You Go to Bed With a Full Stomach

If you go to bed within three hours of eating a meal, you are more at risk for heartburn and indigestion, which have been proven to mess with sleep. Also, trying to get comfortable with a bloated stomach is not easy. Instead, eat dinner earlier and keep your late-night snacks light.

Don’t make these sleep mistakes if you want to get the best sleep for your health. Come visit The Joint… the chiropractic place today for a healthy, manual adjustment that can help you sleep better tonight.


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