Best Ways to Remedy Pregnancy Hip Pain

The further your pregnancy progresses, the more hip pain you will likely experience. This is because your ligaments are loose to allow for natural expansion. No woman enjoys getting wider hips, but they are essential for making room for the baby and preparing for labor. However, this natural occurrence can also lead to a lot of hip pain. Here are a few things to help.

Sleep With Better Posture

A full body pillow can help you sleep in better alignment. Look for a pillow that has a nice thickness so that you can place it between your thighs and knees, allowing your top leg to be in perfect alignment with your hip. This will help support the weight of your growing belly too and make you more comfortable while you sleep.

Don’t Sit Too Long

Sitting for too many hours during the day can aggravate your hip pain even more. Try getting up every 20-30 minutes to walk and stretch. You want to keep your hips moving to keep your joints from getting stiff.

Wear Supportive Garments

There are several prenatal undergarments that can safely hold in the hips for relief. These are great for reducing the pain and for helping you keep proper posture throughout your pregnancy.

Move Your Exercise to the Water

When your hips hurt, it can be made worse through many exercises. Water exercises help you to get the workout you need while making your hips feel better at the same time. The water helps take the pressure off your hips, and swimming has been found to be great for labor preparation.

Do Yoga Stretches Daily

Another way to keep hip pain away is to do several yoga stretches daily. Poses like downward dog, cow pose, cat pose, tree, and warrior, help open and stretch the hips. This will reduce the stiffness and pressure in your hips.

Chiropractic Care

Another must-have to avoid pregnancy-induced hip pain is regular chiropractic care. A chiropractor will adjust your spine and hips to make sure that everything is in the proper alignment. Regular chiropractic care during pregnancy can also help give the baby enough room to grow and move into the right position.

All of these natural pain-relieving techniques are wonderful and safe for an expecting mama. Even chiropractic care is safe for all three trimesters of pregnancy. Pregnant women can lie on their side for an adjustment, and they will still receive all of the amazing benefits from regular wellness adjustments.

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