Chiropractic Care and Chronic Knee Pain


kneesThroughout our lives, much of the burden of our movements, physical activity, and over all physiological stress, falls on our knees. They are the most called upon joints in our bodies when it comes to supporting our weight, and moving around freely. When we jump and land, the weight is absorbed directly into the knee joints. When we bend over to get something, there is added pressure on our knees yet again. With all of the physiological stress placed on our knees, many individuals do not know where to turn to remedy their chronic knee pain.

Part of the problem with figuring out how to go about treating knee pain is forming an actual definition of what knee pain truly is. There are multiple different parts of the knee that can be affected by physiological stress and improper alignment of the spine. The cartilage in between the femur and the tibia and fibula can be depleted, causing a bone on bone interaction that does not bode well for the future of the knee. The patella, or knee cap, is also stressed heavily when the individual is lifting large amounts of weight or moving a significant amount of material from one place to another. There are a variety of different tears that can occur in a variety of different ligaments. Essentially, there is minimal margin for error.

In chiropractic care that focuses on knee pain, there is a multi-faceted approach. Chiropractors first want to assess the biomechanical function of the knee, meaning how well the knee moves in the proper pattern of locomotion. Based on the range of motion the knee is able to attain, chiropractors will gain a better understanding in what areas to target for improvement.

The next most important aspect of chiropractic care for knees is the assessment of the soft tissues surrounding the knees. The quadriceps, the hamstring, the calves, and many other smaller muscles all play a role in supporting the knee and if there is tightness or weakness in these muscles, it will be difficult to support the knee throughout all of the stress it will endure.

Finally, chiropractors are tasked with the responsibility of teaching their patients how to properly care for their knees. In understanding what can be done to protect their knees, patients can potentially avoid further problems in the future.

The two most affected groups in terms of knee pain are athletes and the elderly. These two patient populations see a large burden placed on their knees based mainly on either wear over time or acute stress from constant movement. No matter what the case, chiropractic care has the ability to potentially increase the longevity of the knees and ensure that they are ready to endure the stress of supporting the body for years to come.

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