Chiropractic Care and PMS



Once a month, the female reproductive system’s functioning takes a toll on the entire body. The menstrual cycle has a variety of different purposes, but when a woman is not trying to become pregnant, the menstrual cycle may seem like a significant bother rather than a necessary life process.

Two weeks before the beginning day of the menstrual cycle, women experience many symptoms that lead to significant discomfort. These symptoms are marked by joint pain, musculoskeletal soreness, stomach aches, mood swings, and many others. The collection of these symptoms together form what is referred to as Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS). For some women, this condition may not be that serious but in others, PMS can be crippling leaving them bedridden for days until the symptoms pass. According to American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, between five and ten percent of women claim that their PMS impacts their quality of life and their normal schedules negatively.

There are numerous medications that women tend to use to quell their PMS symptoms, but many women fail to realize that chiropractic care may have the ability to significantly alter the course of these PMS symptoms and reduce the possibility for PMS to arise in future situations.

The main regulator of PMS is the sympathetic nervous system, which has control over body functions such as blood flow, inflammation, and many other functions that result in PMS symptoms.

Chiropractic care, specifically chiropractic adjustments, can correctly align parts of the skeleton to enforce proper sympathetic nervous system function. When the sympathetic nervous system is functioning properly, there is better communication between the neurons in the sympathetic nervous system and the PMS functions can be better regulated.

Chiropractic care can also play a role in providing a better chemical environment for the menstrual cycle. Specifically, prostaglandins are chemicals that contribute to cramping and they are produced at a higher rate when there is not good communication in the sympathetic nervous system. Overall, many women can start to consider chiropractic care as an effective method for PMS treatment.

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