Chiropractic Care May Help to Manage Pain and Prevent Injury in Runners


We all need to ensure that we are performing the right amount of cardiovascular exercise. It brings our bodies so much benefit, both physically and mentally. The most common cardiovascular exercise that is performed by millions of Americans nationwide is running. Running is accessible for anyone and is relatively low-cost compared to other types of cardiovascular exercise. Running is great for our hearts, but the dangers of running often go unnoticed.

This type of cardiovascular activity can prove to be quite harmful to our musculoskeletal system. The constant pounding of the pavement or the track, places a lot of stress on our ankles, our knees and ultimately our back. Since the knees act as the human body’s shocks, putting a lot of wear and tear on them could lead to trouble over time.

Chiropractors are always in search of  a way to treat all types of injuries with non-invasive procedures, a holistic approach, and an assessment of the whole body overall, rather than just isolating the part of the body where the patient is experiencing problems. There are numerous treatments that the chiropractor can apply to bring runners back to their optimal speeds and conditioning, including ultrasound therapy, low-frequency laser therapy, and a various other interventions. Ultimately, chiropractors want to encourage healthy outcomes in all facets of the musculoskeletal system.

Proper alignment of the neck and back is absolutely vital for all aspects of our health, as the correct positioning of the spine helps put the rest of our bodies in the right position. If our spines are misaligned, it is common for our other body parts to fall out of line and if we are trying to increase the amount of time spent running, then proper alignment is crucial. Having the right layout of our muscles and bones reduces the amount of stress that is placed on the knees, the hips, and other skeletal components.

If we are more accepting of chiropractic care, then that evening run may not seem so far out of reach. Chiropractic care has the ability to change our lives and help us run for years on end. When it comes to our musculoskeletal health it may seem like there is nowhere to turn but with chiropractic care, our mindset and our ability to run for long periods of time successfully can be dramatically improved. It is hoped that preventative and maintenance care will prevent patients from further issues down the road.

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