Chiropractors In Demand More Than Ever



In an article recently published by the highly regarded business practice and economic reporting site of MarketWatch that discussed the 10 professions that hold the highest levels of job security in the United States, chiropractors sat atop this list. With various statistics and highlights of chiropractic care as a profession and as a profession within the American economy, MarketWatch provides some information about chiropractic care itself as well as some insight into why we see such high levels of job security within the field. Let’s take a look at what gives this profession so much peace of mind.

In 2014, one out of every one thousand chiropractors was out of work giving chiropractic care an unemployment rate of 0.1%. This is an astonishingly low unemployment rate given the overall downward trend in the amount of medical professionals and the slowing of dob creation in this country. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported this finding and the report was found to be statistically significant.

In 2012, the median annual income for professionals within the chiropractic field was $66,160. This is roughly $15,000 than the median income of the United States altogether, which was $51,371 in the same year of 2012. Not only is chiropractic care a profession in which job security is a main benefit, but there is also a financial component.

An interesting statistic that was offered by the MarketWatch article was the growth rate of the position over the course of ten years. From 2012-2022, the industry is projected to grow 14.6%, which again puts chiropractic care atop the list in this category as well. It is quite rare to see this rapid development within a certain position over the course of just a decade.

The article also highlights the fact that many professionals within chiropractic care are working towards specialization and the field itself is growing in terms of different disciplines. Additionally there are mentions of educational requirements and the path taken by chiropractic professionals.

We can look to the job security of the chiropractor as a manifestation of the discipline’s popularity. There is a reason that all of these statistics are the highest that have been measured in the field, and that is clear. If Americans continue to utilize the resources that chiropractors provide, there is nowhere to go but up for this profession.

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