Five Sleep Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Health

Earlier this month, we told you about seven huge sleeping mistakes that can ruin a good night’s rest, as well as your health. Can you believe that there are actually several more sleeping crimes that you may be committing?!

Sleep is very crucial for every part of your body and health, which is why it is even more crucial to avoid these sleeping mistakes when your head hits the pillow. Here are five more things to avoid.

Don’t Sleep On Fluffy Pillows

You may think that those fluffy pillows are the best for your night time slumber since they are so comfortable, but they can actually put your neck and spine out of alignment. Ideally, your pillow should elevate your head just so that your spine is straight throughout the night. Too flat of a pillow and too fluffy of a pillow can put your head at an odd angle and lead to neck and upper back pain.

Don’t Sleep in the Fetal Position

Many side sleepers can end up in the fetal position throughout the night. This can constrict your airways and keep you from getting the most optimal sleep. Try using a body pillow to help keep your body opened up.

Don’t Sleep on Old Mattresses

How old is your mattress? If you are sleeping on a mattress older than 5-10 years, then you could be giving yourself a slew of health issues. Old mattresses do not have the proper support for your body, which means you can bring on a lot of pain after a night of sleep. Old mattresses also contain a lot of bed bugs and dust, which is not good for you to breathe in either.

Don’t Sleep With Synthetic Materials

Whether it be your sheets or your pajamas, it is best to stay away from synthetic materials. This includes sateen sheets, satin pajamas, and even foam mattresses. This is because these materials can retain body heat, which will then affect your sleeping temperature. You want the temperature to be in the 60s for the best sleep. Try switching to more natural materials.

Don’t Sleep With Your Pet

We know you love your cat or dog, but they really need their own place to sleep. You sleep with your pet. According to a recent Annual Associated Professional Sleep Societies meeting, 63 percent of pet owners who share their beds with their fluffy friends also have poor sleep.

Make these changes for the best sleep you can get. You will be amazed how much different you and your health are after getting optimal sleep.

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