Foods to Help Prevent a Cold


Colds and the flu are nothing to sneeze at (pun intended). The unpleasant congestion, headache, and fatigue can be tough on someone, let alone a busy person struggling to juggle careers, families, and everything in between. According to statistics, the average American adults get two or three colds per year. These numbers can go up if working in close quarters or if you have kids that tend to sneeze and run away.  While the common cold has no cure, there are things you can do before the cold shows up to boost your ability to fight it off.

The best way to boost your immune system is get quality and regular sleep. While it may not always be easy, it is vital to getting your immunity to full strength. Some studies have shown that lack of sleep can derail T-cell function, leading to higher levels of cytokines. Both of these problems can weaken our body’s ability to fight off illness. If you struggle with proper sleep, try taking a 30-minute day mid day. Studies have shown that these power rest sessions can help restore damage done from lack of sleep. If getting to sleep is the main problem, try engaging in simple stretching and deep breathing exercises before bed. They can help to relax the nervous system and prepare your body for slumber.

Diet is another way to promote the immune system, with many different foods and herbs shown to have great benefit. Dark leafy greens, tomatoes, and whole grains have lots of powerful antioxidants that can empower the immune system. Drinking lemon ginger Echinacea juice is a great way to stop a cold dead in its tracks – chug a bottle when you start getting a runny nose and you could be back to normal by morning.

In order to make sure that these foods and rest do their job properly, you must also stay fully hydrated. Water keeps our blood flowing and our organs working and can help to prevent certain cold symptoms. In addition, warm soup or broth can ease sore throats and loosen any mucus buildup. Combine a meal of chicken soup with a tall glass of water, and fall off to sleep. That cold will not stand a chance against you!


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