Helpful Tips For Preparing for Cold and Flu Season



As evidenced by the slowly declining temperatures and the changing leaves, fall is almost here! Pretty soon we will be covered in orange and red and gold, sporting hoodies, and smelling of cinnamon and spice. Along with all of the fun of the fall, it is also the beginning of cold and flu season. To keep yourself healthy and strong this season, check out these tips for keeping illness at bay.

Start Washing

During cold and flu season, it is more important than ever to wash your hands often. Go ahead and get started with the habit now. Before and after meals, after touching strangers or commonly handled objects, or even just randomly throughout the day. All of these are great opportunities to wash your hands. It is also important to keep your hands away from your nose and mouth. The more often you touch your face, the more likely you are bringing sick germs close enough to breathe in and get you ill. Starting the habits now will help get you in the swing before the bulk of sick season really arrives.

Stock Your Pantry

There are a lot of foods that you can go ahead and start stock piling in order to prevent sickness or shorten the duration. Garlic is a great food that can help keep sickness away. It is both antibacterial and antifungal, so making sure you have plenty of garlic can really help. It can also be beneficial to buy chicken soup or chicken stock. Chicken really does have healing properties when it comes to fighting illness. Of course, don’t forget that you can also stock up on immune boosting vitamins like Vitamin C. Getting the proper nutrients and foods for your body can go a long way into the flu season.

Boost Your Immunities

As mentioned above, you can go ahead and boost your immunities now before the germs even arrive. This can be done with Vitamin C supplements (or similar supplements) or through the foods that you eat. Make your diet as healthy as possible to ensure you are getting the proper nutrients for a healthy immune system. It can also help to get your flu shot. Though some think it is controversial, doctors agree that a flu shot can prevent the flu or at least make the duration of the illness much shorter.

With cold and flu season just around the corner, it is a good idea to get prepared. Use these tips and start the process now! When the germs roll into town, you will be glad that you are prepared and ready for whatever illness comes your way.

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