How Chiropractic Care May Aid in Arthritis Treatment


chiropracticAs time passes and we begin to understand the potential for chiropractic care to reach efficacy in treating various different medical problems, doors to other areas of care are opened. Those in chiropractic care are starting to determine that this form of alternative medicine can be applicable for treatment of more common conditions.

One condition that has remained out of the spotlight in terms of chiropractic care as a treatment option, is arthritis.

Simply put, arthritis is the inflammation of a joint resulting in decreased structural integrity of the joint and joint pain. While there are 21 different conditions that qualify as arthritis, this condition usually comes in four different forms: rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and reactive arthritis. Of these four types, osteoarthritis, which affects bone joints and depleted cartilage, surfaces more frequently than any other condition. The joints in the hands, knees, hips, and shoulders, are the most commonly afflicted.

Until recently, there have been only pharmaceutical options for the treatment of arthritis and patients with arthritis are less than satisfied with the options they have. Chiropractic care’s popularity with respect to arthritis treatment is increasing rapidly. As chiropractic care enters the spotlight of arthritis care, more confidence is instilled in chiropractic care and alternative medicine overall due to the obscure nature of arthritis treatment overall. Many do not want to rely solely on pharmaceuticals to establish positive health outcomes with respect to their arthritis, making chiropractic care quite an attractive option.

Spinal manipulation, along with other chiropractic options such as extremity manipulation, can give the body better structural composition and more fluid motion mechanics, taking less stress off of the joints where arthritis most often shows up. Additionally, exercises that are done with chiropractors in combination with skeletal manipulation techniques contribute to the strengthening of the areas surrounding arthritic joints, providing support to the joints overall. Finally, chiropractic care has been known to increase blood flow to damaged areas, restoring health and clearing out some of the arthritic fluid that develops in these joints.

Chiropractic care fits perfectly with arthritis in that there is no exact cure for arthritis, just like there is no exact result from chiropractic care. Each case of arthritis is different, just as each patient receiving chiropractic care needs to be handled differently and the relationship between chiropractors and arthritis patients is constantly improving due to transparency and attention diverted away from pharmaceutical remedies. 

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