How Chiropractic Care May Help Ease Colicky Babies


babyFor anyone who knows what the word colic means, you understand how frustrating it can be. Colic is when a baby cries inconsolably for hours at a time, several days a week. Colicky babies, in addition to frazzling their parents, also suffer from tense abdominal muscles. It is believed that around 10-20 percent of babies become colicky, but the cause for the condition is unknown. Colic can lead to undue stress for parents, and puts families at risk for shaken baby syndrome.

Many parents try all that they can to help calm their child down, but sometimes nothing will do. Luckily, for all of the stressed and sleepless parents with a colicky baby, chiropractic care has been shown to alleviate colic in many babies. A 1999 clinical study found that spinal manipulation is indeed effective in relieving colic in babies. During this study, colicky infants were given either chiropractic care or an anti-gas medicine, both for two weeks. At the end of the study, the infants that received chiropractic care had a 67 percent decrease in crying while the babies on the medicine only had a 38 percent decrease.

Some may feel nervous about conducting spinal adjustments on their infant child, but the practice is very safe and always done by a licensed and professional chiropractic doctor that specializes in the treatment of infants and children. Many parents bring their infant children to see chiropractors and are thankful they did so. A recent study asked mothers to journal the amount of crying their colicky babies did. At the same time, some of the babies received adjustments. According to the mothers’ diaries, researchers found a positive result of spinal manipulation in 94 percent of the children.

If you think that your child may have colic, it is important to speak with your pediatrician as soon as possible. While the condition can be irritating, it is also non-life threatening. A pediatrician can rule out any other issues and can help recommend a chiropractor that specializes in working with children.

These practitioners are gentle and understand children’s bodies in ways that many traditional doctors may not. If your baby is colicky, you may find relief sooner than you would think after one visit to your local and friendly chiropractor.


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