How to Break Through the Weight Loss Plateau

So, you’re rocking along with your weight loss. You are eating right, exercising daily, and so far, the pounds have been dropping steadily. And then the plateau hits. Though you haven’t made any changes to your routine, your weight loss has suddenly come to an abrupt stop. While this is certainly a normal part of the weight loss journey, it can also be really frustrating! If you have recently found yourself in these shoes, check out these reasons that you can’t seem to get past the weight loss plateau.

Increase Workout Intensity

A lot of times, a plateau is our body’s way of saying ‘Ok, I’m used to this now!’ That means it is time to up the intensity level. Notice this doesn’t say length or duration, but rather intensity. While adding some length to your workout may work, adding intervals or weights will likely work faster. Now is the time to really focus on your workout and make it as efficient and challenging as you can.

Clean Up Your Diet

In almost all situations, if you have hit a plateau but still have a considerable amount of weight to lose, then your diet could probably use some cleaning up. Have you really done all that you can? Are there hidden calories that you might not even be noticing? Have you been holding onto your favorite treats, but in much smaller portions? If you have hit a wall, it might be time to give those up. Try eliminating all sugars, sodas, and even the majority of slt from your diet. Really get serious about what goes into your mouth, and you will likely break through the plateau faster than ever.

Check Your Stress Levels

Stress does amazing things to the body, and I mean that in a bad way. If you have a lot of stress, it can severely harm your weight loss efforts. Take a look at your life and re-evaluate. Am I too stressed at work? Am I taking enough me time? Am I getting enough sleep? Adjusting this part of your life will not only help break that plateau, but will push your health to a better spot in general.

The weight loss plateau can be really frustrating and can make the process a lot more difficult. With a little understanding, a plan, and some perseverance, however, you can break through this phase and get back to your progress in no time.

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