How to Deal with Chronic Inflammation


Nervous systemWhen we look at the musculoskeletal system, we see that the complex interactions of the components of this body system interact with other body systems on a regular basis. Additionally, the interactions between the musculoskeletal system and the environment can surely determine the health outcomes of the musculoskeletal system moving forward. When we run on asphalt or other hard surfaces, we incur significant wear and tear on our knees and hips. When we use our cell phones, we are exposed to the damage to our neck and cervical spine from keeping our heads bowed down.

Regardless of what musculoskeletal condition we are experiencing, a commonality between all conditions that affect our muscles and bones is inflammation. For some of us, inflammation can be a chronic occurrence that is extremely difficult to get rid of.

A curious aspect of inflammation is that it is actually a natural occurrence in the human body that is designed as part of the overall healing process. When there is an injury or an infection in the body, our immune system and our parasympathetic nervous system work together to bring fluids and other healing aids to the site of the injury or infection and clear out anything that is causing harm. This includes white blood cells, proteins, and many other biological mechanisms that are made to bring a new level of health to the injured area.

With respect to musculoskeletal conditions, inflammation occurs in order to help restore the muscles, bones, and connective tissues that may have been compromised when an injury has come about. Some inflammation can last over the course of a couple days but in others, inflammation can be chronic. Chronic inflammation, especially in the joints, is often referred to as arthritis. This condition affects milions of people around the world and can be debilitating.

Chiropractic care can help reduce both chronic and acute inflammation throughout the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractic adjustments have the ability to restore proper musculoskeletal alignment, thus ensuring that there is adequate blood flow and oxygen absorption in areas where inflammation is occurring. This helps to clear out the body’s healing agents at a faster rate, reducing inflammation and preventing pain and discomfort. In addition, any nerve pressure is removed further reducing pain and promoting healing.

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