Let The Joint – Point Loma Help Your Back Pain This Thanksgiving

It is almost gobble time. Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time to spend with family and enjoy the fall weather. Unfortunately, for many, it can also mean more back and other pain issues to deal with. Here are the best tips to enjoy your turkey and football with none of the back pain.

Pain-Free Travel

Are you traveling to see family this Thanksgiving holiday? Travel is notorious for wreaking havoc on the back and spine. If you are driving, be sure to stop frequently for stretch breaks and to switch drivers. Proper seat positions and posture while driving or riding as a passenger can help your back problem a lot.

If you are traveling by plane or train, bring a neck pillow and sweater along. A neck pillow can help you avoid uncomfortable neck positions. Roll up your sweater and place it in the small of your back to help keep the natural curve of your spine. Be sure to get up often to walk around and stretch.

Pain-Free Cooking

If you are the head cook this Thanksgiving, then you can probably already feel the pain that is coming your way. Try to cook in supportive tennis shoes to help keep your feet arched correctly. This will help prevent some back pain. If you can, make as many dishes as you can the night before. Mashed potatoes taste just as good, if not better, reheated the next day.

Be sure to take extra caution when lifting heavy dishes, especially the turkey. Bend at your knees and keep your core muscles engaged when lifting the turkey and other heavy dishes out of the oven.

Pain-Free Shopping

Are you planning on partaking in after-Thanksgiving sales? There are so many deals to be had, but be sure not to hurt your back in the process. Wear comfortable and supportive shoes since you will be walking a lot. Use the time in line to do some quick stretches, even if it means you look a little funny. It is also best to take rests every hour or two to prevent your back muscles from tiring out. If your feet and back muscles get tired, you are more likely to slouch, which will only cause more pain.

Another smart shopping tip is to avoid carrying too much at one time. Make frequent trips to the car to drop off heavy shopping bags. Also, avoid bringing a heavy purse since you will be carrying it on your shoulder for a long time, which can cause you to be unbalanced.

Thanksgiving is supposed to be about family, turkey, and football – not back pain. If you are experiencing back pain this holiday season, there’s only one place to visit: The Joint…the chiropractic place. With convenient hours and an easy location, The Joint – Point Loma is ready to accommodate your crazy holiday hours. And because you will no doubt be a little strapped for cash this holiday season, you don’t need to worry about The Joint’s chiropractic services ringing up a giant price tag. There are cost-effective membership plans and no insurance coverage necessary, so that your chiropractic visits will fit right in with your holiday budget. 


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