New HillDT OnDemand Program Introduces New Decompression Options



In chiropractic care, there are always different ways to innovate and find ways to improve the quality care interventions that are being provided to patients. Chiropractors are constantly in search of a new way to bring about beneficial outcomes for their patients, decrease the amount of cost being placed on the patient, and avoid further visits to an orthopedist or spine specialist. Additionally, the treatment interventions that a chiropractor uses for their patients are designed to bring about the best possible end result in the musculoskeletal system with scientifically backed research.

When certain manufacturers or producers of chiropractic equipment acknowledge the need for their products in chiropractic care facilities, they often develop ways for these facilities to gain regular access to their products. In the case of HillDT Solutions, a prominent manufacturer of chiropractic decompression tables and other equipment, this process has recently become a lot more transparent.

With their new OnDemand decompression services program, HillDT is offering something that chiropractic care professionals can incorporate into their practice with ease to ensure a high level of quality and the optimization of patient outcomes for years to come in their practice. This program involves a pay-per-treatment program in which a chiropractic clinic is granted decompression equipment, and is able to repay for their program as a percentage of each decompression treatment provided. This model helps to reduce the financial burden of decompression services, while allowing chiropractors to get the equipment faster and more efficiently.

Chiropractors will also be provided with training information about how to use the table, how to teach their assistants about the new treatment protocols involved with the decompression table, marketing information about how to communicate with the public about how the decompression table makes the clinic more attractive, and much more. It is hoped that through the training, everyone will be comfortable with the new method – and therefore will be able to put patients trying it at ease as well.

HillDT claims that that their number one goal for the OnDemand program is the best possible clinical outcomes for both patients and doctors. With the variety of initiatives that the program incorporates, this will surely be accomplished with ease. As long as chiropractors, assistants and patients are all on the same page with pertinent information, the program could definitely be wildly successful. With this development comes hopes for even more advancements in chiropractic modalities in the future. 

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