New K-Laser is Impressing Chiropractic Clinics Nationwide


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Technology is changing how so many different industries operate within the confines of productivity and efficiency. There are now numerous technological applications in so many different professional sectors that have completely revolutionized how traditional processes and operations are conducted.

Tasks that were formerly carried out manually by humans, are now streamlined through technology to the point where computers and smart devices are an integral component in these industries. Medicine is no exception to this development.

In medicine, technology has been integrated so seamlessly into the operations of medical facilities and doctors’ practices on both the patient side and on the management side. Developments in technology have led to substantial contributions in terms of treatment and the efficacy of care pathways constructed by physicians. Alternative medicine, namely chiropractic care, is no different from the technological integration.

Recently, the development of the K-Laser has led to significantly improved musculoskeletal health outcomes. Chiropractic care is confounded in the principles of all natural, non-invasive treatments for musculoskeletal health problems and injuries. Laser therapy is used to get under the epidermal layer and inside the muscles and tissues that surround bones. As a way to reduce inflammation, restore proper blood flow, and decrease the amount of time that the patient is afflicted with a decreased quality of life, laser therapy has been incorporated in a variety of ways.

The K-Laser, which was created and developed by the company K-Laser USA, is a low level laser therapy machine that is able to administer lasers with wavelengths of the largest spectrum on the market. With wavelengths ranging from 800 nm to 970 nm and a power turntable that ranges from 0.1 to 12, there is no laser therapy machine out on the market that is capable of what the K-Series can do for patients.

K-Laser USA will continue to try to increase the prevalence of their machines on the market. Chiropractic care facilities around the country and around the world are catching on, and the improved musculoskeletal outcomes are occurring worldwide. Past laser therapy machines were often bulky and difficult to use – it is hoped that the new K-Laser will bring laser therapy into the 21st century and help ease pain for all patients who try it.

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