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The government agency known as Tricare is the main source of healthcare insurance coverage for our current military, including active duty service members and activated guard and reserve members. As a branch of the United States Department of Defense, it is just one of many different government sponsored programs that provide healthcare coverage to underserved populations in an effort to remedy significant disparities in access to healthcare.

Tricare’s Chiropractic Healthcare Program is one facet of Tricare’s wide-ranging roster of services. The Chiropractic Healthcare Program offers coverage of chiropractic care for active duty service members and activated guard and reserve members, but only at military medical facilities that are designated as Tricare centers. Active duty service members or any other military personnel that tries to seek chiropractic care at a hospital or clinic that does not fall within the confines of the Tricare network will result in services not being covered by their program. If Tricare members have the resources, they are not restricted from seeking chiropractic care in facilities outside of the network.

Once military personnel have gone through the convoluted and often bureaucratic process of attaining Tricare, the process of getting chiropractic care through Tricare’s coverage program is relatively simple. In fact, it similar to various other medical services that are slightly outside of the realm of basic services.

The first step in seeking chiropractic services under Tricare’s coverage is for the active duty service member to pay a visit to their primary care doctor. After an explanation of the symptoms that are currently being experienced and an evaluation of the overall condition of the musculoskeletal system, the primary care doctor will make the decision of whether or not to sign off on the patient receiving chiropractic care.

The next step is ensuring that the patient does not have any sort of additional medical condition that would prohibit the incorporation of chiropractic care into the treatment pattern. Certain co-morbidities could add an extra level of danger to chiropractic care so the primary care doctor needs to ensure that seeking chiropractic care is safe for the patient.

If the primary care physician clears the patient, the patient receives the go-ahead to pursue chiropractic care. The primary care physician is responsible for deciding how long and how often the patient will receive chiropractic care depending on the severity of the patient’s condition. Tricare’s process is quite simple and for those who are covered, it is helping restore the musculoskeletal health of so many members of our nation’s military.

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