Texas Chiropractic College’s Annual Convention Promoting Health & Wellness



In the medical community, it is always important to ensure that medical professionals are continuing their education and staying up to date on current trends in their specific disciplines. No matter if a medical professional practices medicine directly, is in charge of administration of a facility, documentation management, or any other aspect of medicine; we must know that these professionals are furthering their expertise, as the medicine is constantly changing with the developments of new technologies and procedures.

In chiropractic care, the need for continuing education and staying updated on current trends in alternative medicine are just as if not more important. The reputation of chiropractic care is constantly in flux, with many individuals both inside and outside of the medical community that cast doubt on its efficacy as a treatment for musculoskeletal conditions. As chiropractic professionals learn more, the chances of establishing chiropractic care as a truly effective discipline of alternative medicine in the eyes of the general population increase.

This past week, Texas Chiropractic College held its annual convention as a way to promote the cause of chiropractic care, increase the expertise of chiropractic professionals, and enhance the ability to treat musculoskeletal health outcomes for everyone in attendance. Over 500 chiropractic professionals made their way to the Texas Chiropractic College Convention.

Former Denver Broncos wide receiver Jack Dolbin DC, who transitioned into the practice of chiropractic care after his NFL career, kicked off the event with an opening session for all in attendance. For the next three days, all attendees were exposed to a series of lectures, talks, and other opportunities for learning about some of the newest additions to the discipline of chiropractic care as well as new processes that are occurring in the field.

Between insurance reimbursement processes, care management strategies, initiatives to promote financial wellbeing of chiropractic clinis, and many other insightful experiences, every chiropractic professional was able to take something positive away from the convention. This is just one example of continuing education for chiropractic professionals, and there are many other conventions of this kind that we see happening on a regular basis. These events definitely cast a bright future for chiropractic care.

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